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11 steps to stress less while getting dressed

Written by Kalisha Price


Posted on September 20 2019


Le struggle. With new trends coming in and out so quickly, never having enough time to detox your wardrobe, or with weight fluctuating up and down, figuring out what to wear can be the most challenging parts of our day (besides what to eat, if you are in a relationship). Often times we put way too much pressure on ourselves when making wardrobe decisions. 

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur, wife, a busy mom, or all of the above, anything to make life less complicated and less stressful is well worth your time and effort! I have created this quick list to help you out in the mornings. 

        1. Check the weather the night before- that way you can start mentally processing how many layers you may need or if you need boots and an umbrella. Rainy days definitely changes the amount of effort I put in on looking good!  

        2. Tidy up- Life can get crazy during the work week so tidy up on Sunday evenings so you start the week off so fresh and so clean. People who aren’t stressed getting dressed in the morning are the people who know where everything is in their closet. 

        3. Lay out your clothes the night before- Let’s pretend we’re 15 again and it’s the first day of high school. Lol! Don’t act like you didn’t have that outfit laid out ready to kill ‘em in the morning! I’m challenging you to try this for a week. If you don’t want to go as far as laying it out, just ensure to lay eyes on each piece you plan to wear. This will save you time looking for that other shoe in the morning. 

        4. Simplify- Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes. -Terry Gullimets. Less truly is more. I know, it sounded crazy to me too the first time I heard it, especially to a person who loves clothes. But, now, I'm a low-key minimalist (on the lowest of keys lol). It wasn’t easy letting go but I can honestly say I breathe better in my home living with less. 

          Look at it like this: Half the options in your closet aren’t even options. You still have those skinny jeans you are hoping to fit again, the not-so-cute sweater your auntie gave you that you will feel guilty if you gave it away, and the super cute shoes that hurt your pinky toe. Let it go sis! Simplify and streamline your closet. Waking up and looking at all that stuff everyday can be very stressful. Detox your wardrobe so that the options you have are ACTUAL options. 

        5.  Keep it simple-When in doubt, pull your basics out! Your basics are the foundation to any great outfit, especially on the days you just don’t feel like adulting. If it feels too basic, add a scarf or a statement necklace. It can make an old top feel new again. 

        6. Throw on a dress- One piece. One decision. Done.

        7.  Put on your cute shoes- Jeans and t-shirt kind of day, put on some statement heels and direct the focus to your great taste in shoes. 

        8. Wrinkled- Throw your top in the dryer while you are in the shower or doing your hair and makeup. Severely wrinkled, mist it with water first, then throw it in the dryer. Added bonus: you get to feel all warm and cozy for about 30 seconds until the heat wears off.

        9. Winter time? Perfect- Throw on a nice coat/trench on with a simple Tee and jeans. Then boom your ‘fit is suddenly all pulled together.

        10. Turn on some music- Create a it out. I am big on playing music daily. There is a song/playlist for every mood. Turn on some feel-good music and put on what feels good to you.

        11. Stop worrying about what others will think- We are all adults now, dress for yourself. There are no more yearbooks and best dressed awards. Only “you” needs to be comfortable with you! Whatever your style may be, own it. I don’t care if you like bright and bold neon colors or cool and classic neutrals, rock your style like it’s the finale look of a NYFW runway show. 

    Sometimes we are more worried about what someone may think more than that person even thinks about us. Stop stressing. People won’t remember if you wore that top last week or last month (unless you posted it on IG LOL). If so, choose another top or add a scarf. ;-) 

    Following these 11 steps will definitely allow you to hit snooze a few more times than normal in the morning. More sleep always sounds like a good plan!



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