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It feels like home. 


K. Price Collection is a luxury lifestyle brand for like-minded homebodies with a love for interiors and an appetite for great design. If comfort is your primary goal, then you are in the right place! Comfort and quality are in the forefront of what we do here at K. Price Collection. Our brand embodies the essential elements of everyday luxury, an appreciation for simplicity, and a love for travel.

Our Clothes

Our clothes are made with you in mind. From feminine and airy textiles to dope structural pieces, we provide clothing to cover all the places you will go. Why?! Because travel is life! Our girl doesn’t belong in a box. She’s always elegant but never boring!

With the rise of work-from-home entrepreneurs, comfort and fit are a top priority for us. We live the lifestyle, so we get it! Gone are the days where you’re at an event dreaming of the moment you get home to unzip that dress.

Life should be freely lived, spending time doing the things we love with the people we love (and feeling good while doing it.) No matter where life takes you, our clothes will Feel Like Home.

What we believe

It is our mission to design and create products that are innovative in design, unique as the woman wearing it, and are driven by high quality standards with ethical business practices.

While high-quality materials and sewing techniques remain the foundation, we believe that "quality runs deeper than the surface." We now source recycled high-quality fabrics and use our dead-stock materials to help us maintain a sustainable line, so that we can be mindful of the environmental and societal impact of our business. We pride ourselves on working with local manufacturers because our community and the quality of our clothing is very important to us. We are there every step of the way...from designing, sourcing, and sewing. We quality-control each step of the process.

We strongly believe in equal pay and safe working environments for women garment workers. We value the women making our products, and we value you, our customers, too, so we set our prices fairly for all people involved. We can proudly say that our brand works with a team of women who love what they do and I hope you can see the love and beauty in each product K. Price Collection brings to you!

Sounds like a brand you can get behind?