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First off, can I just say how much I wish we were doing this on a big comfy couch over a delicious cocktail?! I have a feeling we would “kiki” the night away! 

interior designer, home accessories, candles

I’m Kalisha Price

I am an interior designer with a fashion design background, a “low-key” minimalist, who is addicted to spicy food, and obsessed with all things HGTV and plants! I am a true introvert and a homebody at heart! Whether we are friends or strangers, you will know that I'm passionate about God, family, travel, Beyonce, and women knowing their worth. My ultimate goal is to teach you how to create a life and home you love by removing all the noise hindering you from focusing on what and who matters most!

I didn’t always have this business, the clients, the candles, or the confidence to pull it off. In fact, just a few short years ago, you could have found me toting rolls of fabric up and down the streets of New York, working in the cut-throat fashion industry as an intern. About a year later, I thought I had found my dream job, a salary paying job with benefits...dolla dolla bills ya’ll! But that was short-lived. I was soon let go...but it was just the push I needed to start something greater than myself.

A small town Arkansas-native interior designer, who’s journey took her from Dallas to New York all the way back to Dallas, has finally found her home. Today you can find me designing homes + commercial spaces or out sipping margs and eating tacos!