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All candles are not created equal: Soy vs. Paraffin

Written by Kalisha Price


Posted on July 31 2019


The most talked about topic with soy candles is their ability to burn clean. For those of you who don’t burn candles often, this may not be a big deal to you, but for those frequent candle burners like me, this is a huge deal! Let me share a quick story about why I am never going back to paraffin wax candles.

My paraffin experience

I was gifted a really large and expensive candle for Christmas, which by the way, was a brand I always wanted but couldn't afford. I was so excited to get it to say the less! It was one of those candles that came in the really nice container with the strap across the top to help you carry it. Ya'll probably know the brand, but the candle shall remain nameless. Anywho...

I couldn’t wait to get home and light this candle...and I did just that! Soon as I got home, I open it and the amazing scent just hit me in the face before it was even lit. It was heaven so I thought. So I lit the candle and the scent filled the air beautifully but to my surprise, it was black soot everywhere, in just a few short hours!!

Soot was on my cabinets and on the cups INSIDE the cabinet! My doors, the walls, and all my countertops were covered with soot. I thought, if it was all over my house like this, it had to be in the air we were breathing...which means whatever this is, it's now in my body.

What I learned

Of course, I quickly had to do some research. I found out way more than I wanted to know about paraffin wax. But the thing that stood out the most was finding out paraffin is refined gasoline, a by-product of petroleum and when burned, it emits 11 toxins into the air (a few of them being cancer-causing agents), according to E.P.A reports.

Check out this list below to help you get a quick glance as to why all candles are not created equally:

Paraffin Wax

  • Made from Petroleum
  • Emits harmful vapors when burned
  • Emits black soot
  • Difficult to remove spills
  • Has cancer-causing agents
  • Must be mixed with chemicals to release fragrance
  • May not completely burn
  • Not biodegradable 
  • Supports the oil industry


Soy Wax

  • Made from vegetables 
  • 100% natural & non-toxic
  • Burns clean 
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • 100% pure & safe
  • Fragrance releases naturally, faster, and longer
  • Burns completely and longer
  • Biodegradable
  • Supports farmers 


When ya know better, ya do better. Do you and your family a favor and make the change to soy wax candles today! You deserve to breath clean air! 



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