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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Written by Kalisha Price


Posted on May 07 2020

Happy almost Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!! I have rounded up some gift ideas to help you celebrate mom, no matter where she is. If you are anything like me, Mother's Day totally snuck up on you...because who even knows what day it is anymore!

Good news, it's not too late to let mom know how much you care. The distance may be big or small, but I have put together a Mother's Day Gift Guide and a bonus idea to help bring you guys much closer together!

All of the gifts I have listed are from my brand or Target and either have 2-day, expedited shipping, store pick-up, or you can order online and do curbside pick-up. You were looking for an excuse to go to Target anyway! 


mother's day gift guide

1. Charm bracelet | 2. Statement Coffee Mugs | 3. Bath Bombs | 4. Diffuser & Essential Oil | 5. Soy Candle | 6. Recipe Holder | 7. E-Gift Card | 8. Wrap Blanket

This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase from my link, I’ll get a little bonus to help keep the lights on here at the House of K, at no additional cost to you! As always, I only write about things I’m truly passionate about — because let’s be honest, that's all I got time for! If you have any questions about the items, feel free to drop me a note below.


mom charm bracelet

1. Because jewelry is a girl's best friend...A cute charm bracelet with such a cute message is sure to make mom smile every time she wears it. 


coffee mugs for mom

2. What makes coffee better? Drinking it out of a cute mug and making it "strong as a mother!" It's great affirmation on the days that are tougher to get through.


bath bombs

3. Deliver mom the spa day she so deserves! A good-old fashioned care package full of pampering essentials is the perfect gift for a hard-working mother. All at home spa days start with a good soak with relaxing bath bombs thrown in. (The bath bombs pictured sold out as quick as I posted it so I added a sub.)


diffuser and essential oils

4. Nothing says home spa day better than a good bath bomb, lit candles, and a diffuser with essential oils in the air. Don't forget to add in some flowers too!


luxury soy candles

5. A home spa day is not complete without adding luxury soy candles and aroma therapy.


 recipe card holder

6. For all those finger-licking meals she cooks, get her a place to store all those amazing recipes. A recipe card holder is a great keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation. The gift that keeps on giving!


e-gift card

7. If you don't have time to get a physical gift to her, there are e-gift cards to save the day! This gives her the freedom to choose exactly what she wants without costing her a dime. That's the best kind of shopping experience!


cozy wrap blanket

8. Bring in the cozy! I bought this game-changing wrap blanket for my mom for Christmas and she fell in love with it immediately! Plus it has pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?!


 virtual mother's day brunch

If mom is far away...

Plan a virtual Mother's Day meal to have with her online. This is a great way to close in the distance and tell mom "face to face" how much she means to you. Show her all your cooking skills that she passed down to you. Make it a group chat if you aren't the only child and bring the whole family together for good food, laughter, and lots of love. Thank God for technology!


 cheers to all the mothers out there

 Happy Mother's Day!!




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