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These 3 magic words will change your life right now...

Written by Kalisha Price


Posted on September 20 2019

Cue Frozen soundtrack “Let it goooo!”

Kalisha Price sitting at home in bed with a sense of peace and happiness on her face

Pssh...I remember the day stress showed me it wasn't no joke!

I learned this the hard way so hopefully you don’t have to. My brain was at capacity and so was my closet! I had clothes stuffed everywhere!  Anywhere there was space, there were clothes, shoes, or bags. I didn’t think it was a problem because I knew where everything was and it was neatly stuffed. But I soon realized my house was a reflection of my mental state. A chaotic mess!

From working a job I didn’t love to loving the wrong guy, I had stress packed to the max in the back of my neck and my stomach, on the verge of getting stress ulcers. This lifestyle was so not worth those doctor bills rolling in! I learned quickly that the key to peace was letting go. 

I have become super passionate about helping people create a life of peace:

Peace at home

Peace at work

Peace in love

Peace of mind

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~Wayne Dyer


If you don’t know by now, clutter and emotional baggage stresses people out! Learning how to let go repeatedly is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Every time you hold on to something, you lose space for something else...something that could be serving you instead of hurting you. 


What we may be unconsciously wasting time and energy on:

 - Cleaning up clutter we don’t even need

- Staying in the wrong relationships

- Stressing over things we can’t control

- Following accounts that affect our self-esteem

The list goes on.


When do you know to let go?

Well I say, if it isn’t a “hell yes!,” it’s probably a no and time to let it go!

One of my favorite people, Marie Kondo, suggest in her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” we should hold on to the objects that “spark joy” and discard anything else that doesn’t. 

I like to use this beyond just material possessions. I believe our relationships, careers, and how we spend our time should spark joy. Now does cleaning the kitchen “spark joy” for me? Absolutely not! But having a clean kitchen does. 

Sometimes we have to think about the end result to determine if something is worth our time. Like going to the gym...that’s a whole different topic I’m still struggling with. We just gon’ leave that right there lol.

Start thinking of some things you can let go of to bring more peace into your life. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Does this add value to my life? 

Does this make me happy? 

Is this important? 

Why am I holding on to this?


When we let go, we have more…

- Time with our family

- Mental Clarity

- Time to work on starting that business

- Time to do the things we love

- Space for the things that serve us

- Freedom


It’s a process but you can do it. If there are things in your life/house that don’t serve you real purpose or sparks joy, develop a plan to free yourself one step at a time. 

 I have put together a list of things you can start letting go of today to free up space in your mind and your house. I won’t overwhelm you with all of the things. This is just a start in the right direction. You will see how satisfying it is when you complete these 11 simple steps. Get the list below! 




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