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Shopping tip: 7 questions to ask yourself before you buy

Written by Kalisha Price


Posted on March 06 2020

As a fashion junkie and emotional shopper, who needs a FA (fashion anonymous) support group, I find it hard to fight the temptation of not buying every little cute thing I see. It got to the point where I had to go through an unsubscribe to all those sale emails I was “pressured” to sign up for at the checkout. You know, when the cashier says “Do you want to sign up for our email list and save $10 on your purchase today?” I was the yes man to “saving,” even if I didn't really need the thing I was buying. But in reality I was not saving at all. 

Over the years, I worked hard to declutter and adopt the lifestyle of “less is more,” so I have to be very intentional with the things that come into the house.  I had to train myself to consider these 7 questions when I get the urge to buy something: 

 1. Am I filling a void?

Coming from an emotional shopper, I used to use shopping as a coping mechanism. I got a good grade, I went shopping because I deserved it. Relationship problems, time for new shoes! Bored with nothing to do, let’s go “walk” the mall to get out of the house. And of course, I didn’t leave empty handed.  If I felt sad, happy, or frustrated, yeah you guessed it, I headed to the mall! After a death in the family, I would say, “I need to find something to wear to funeral” instead of just dealing with the roller-coaster of emotions that comes with a devastating loss.  Shopping was literally my drug! 

Some extra questions to ask yourself:

Am I buying something because I am upset or simply just bored?

Am I getting this because “I deserve it?”

Am I buying this because it’s on trend and I want to be noticed?


2. Am I acting on impulse?

I know turning down a huge sale seems so hard to do. I’m a recovering shopaholic, so I understand the urge and satisfaction that comes with what we think is “saving money” and finding a good deal. But if the cost-wear-per isn’t looking good, leave it there. Your wallet will thank you later!


3. Is it comfortable?

The worst thing you can do is wear something you aren’t comfortable in. You can feel it and the world can see it. Ask yourself, can I wear this without being tortured all day?


4. How many times can I wear it?

Remember the 30 wear rule from my splurge the right way post? Is the item you are considering made of good quality? Will it even last for 30 washes? 


5. How many ways can I wear it?

Versatility is everything! If you can’t see this piece with at least 3 different outfits in your existing wardrobe, it’s probably not worth the investment. More than likely, you will wear that statement piece one time, post it to the ‘gram, and never wear it again.


6. Do I own something similar?

This is a great question when we are approaching the 6th LBD in our closet! Unless you are replacing a garment, it’s best to focus on how to complete existing looks in your closet more so than trying to buy a whole new wardrobe.


7. Does it fit into my personal style?

Just because you saw a piece on our favorite blogger doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy it too. Knowing your personal style is a major key to smart shopping. It will make saying no so much easier. You will know what works for you, what doesn’t, and if that new piece you are considering is a good fit for your current wardrobe. Need help? I got you, here!




  • Thank you ladies so much for taking the time to read and comment! You are more than welcome!!

    I hear ya both! We are definitely all a work in progress! It’s time for me to do some spring cleaning and detoxing myself!

    Posted by Kalisha | March 10, 2020
  • Love the information. I have been told many times, I need to clean my closets out. I have two.

    Posted by Dora | March 09, 2020
  • Thank you for posting this!! Great Blog!! I’m looking forward to discovering my personal style and cleaning out my closet again; this time with purpose!!

    Posted by Queen | March 09, 2020
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